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Yugi and Kaiba Collector Box

  • £27.00

Yu-Gi-Oh Yugi and Kaiba Collector Box


The Yugi and Kaiba Collectors box combines reprints from the two most popular Duelists in to one collection box! This is the perfect gift for fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! that want to start playing like their favorite characters from the TV show.

• Features two of the most well loved duelists.
• Perfect gift for any Yugioh fan.
• Features two promo cards.

1 x Yugi Reloaded Starter Deck.
1 x Kaiba Reloaded Starter Deck.
3 x Duelist Pack Yugi.
3 x Duelist Pack Kaiba.
2 x Fixed Ultra Rare Cards (Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White dragon).